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NexusPay Apps APK: Hi!, today’s tune, will you know what DBBL Nexus Pay is? What is the advantage of NexusPay? How to use the NexusPay app? How to open an account on Nexus Pay? How to add cards or rockets or bank accounts? How to top up the mobile? How to send money to the receiver? How to cash out? How to make online shopping website payments with Nexus-Pay? How to add another bank card with the Dutch Bangla Bank Android App Nexus Pay? A to Z guide line.

NexusPay APP


What is Nexus Pay?

NexusPay is a service of Dutch Bangla Bank Limited (DBBL), where DBBL is not only able to enjoy all the services of all the bank’s all cards, this NexusPay App. Send Money, Cash Out, Mobile Recharge, Bank Transfer, Online Shopping, Any Bill Payment, ATM Extraction, In one word, put everything in the banking world.

Nexus Pay Android Application All of these cards can be accessed with valid cards online. Do not have to spend any money for this. With a little bit more to say, you have a master card that you can download or install the card on Nexus Pay. Not only MasterCard, there are special advantages of downloading and using any bank card.

NexusPay’s benefits and services

  • Up to 10,000 purchases at the Shopping Web site have received payment from Nexus Pay.
  • Pay any bills
  • If you have more than one card, you can download it here.
  • Bank transfer
  • Rocket Card with Loyalty Points Card program which will give you 50% cashback
  • Casath at ATM without card
  • Send money to anyone, without any charge
  • Cash Out
  • Create online card number for 10 minutes
  • Mobile Recharge 5% Cashback
  • Money Receive NFC, Card Number, Phone, QR, Rocket Number
  • Shopping anywhere, attractive offers and discounts
  • You can use all the bank’s cards
  • The number that NexusPay registers uses as a referer for an individual account is $ 50 bonus
  • Cradit, Drabit, Visa, Mastercard Supported
  • Convenience to view transactions for Dutch-Bengal
  • Enjoy all the services of Agent Banking or Rocket
  • Convenience to close the DBBL card
  • Much more

How to install and open an account

  • First you go to Google Play Store, write the Nexus pay, then install the apps and then open it. Click here to install .
  • If you can not install from Google Play Store, then download it from the web site .
  • After opening, click Register, enter your mobile number and give a Nexus pin as you wish.
  • After that you have to give your name email and referrer mobile number (01XXXXXXXXX).
  • If you have a code in your mobile at the next step, then enter your account.

How to install and open an account, add rockets, recharge mobile and buy online A to Z guide line.

How to add a Rocket account or card with the Nexus Pay

  • To add a Rocket or any card account, first select the “Add Cards” option from the menu
  • Select from the “Select a Card to Download” list, if you want to add DBBL card “Nexus Debit Card” and if you want to add a Mastercard or Visa Card, then “Nexus Credit Card” and if you want to add a Dutch Bangla Bank Rocket If you want to add unique “unique” bank card to “Rocket” or Bangladesh, then select “Other Bank Debit / Credit Card” option.
  • I have come to the next by clicking on the Rocket, notice the picture below, show the rocket on the left side and the key information on the card to the right. Then click “PROCEED” to give all information.
  • Once you have given all the data in Rocket, your rocket number will come with a verification code that will give you a virtual card if you input it. With that virtual card you can do more work with any rocket number / bank account, send money to recharge, cash and check balance.

    On the card side, you will get a verification code in the number from which you have opened the account, giving your Nexus virtual card will be ready. With this card, you can send money to any other card that has this app, without 2FA, recharge the phone, bank account balance and check it from here.

Each referral will get 50 taka for each

For every referral you will receive a bonus of 50 taka! When you refer to someone, make sure that your phone number is entered (in the referral phone field). If you register for a new one, then use my referral number and you will not be harmed or lost. 

My referral number 017XXXXXX Referral bonus will be transferred to your account within a week. Refer all your friends and family and you get 50 Taka for each sign-up!

25,000 bonus from Nexus Pay

Dutch Bangla Bank will receive 25,000 Taka from Rocket Account if you deposit 100,000 Taka from your other account. You will get 25,000 taka but you can not put them out to 25,000 thousand Taka. With this money you can only buy from phrasefold and online shopping. Again you can not even raise one lakh Taka!

How to make sure it’s safe?

Many people may think that maybe someone has made it to rigidly. It was mine and I thought it was Dutch-Bengal’s own app, whether it was safe to use or not. Your problem is easily solved if you call the Dutch Bangla bank‘s head office or helpline. Helpdesk number- 16216.

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